A new kind of soul food experience


First and only Ayurveda experience of its kind in NYC

Bhagavat Life is a nonprofit based in New York's East Village.
Our work aims to connect holistic living to everyday life.

Wellness Meals

Tali_smallReceive delicious and freshly made meals, customized to support your particular health needs. Each dish is prepared carefully according to Ayurveda, with the best organic and select ingredients!

Cooking Classes

Discover the valuable lessons of a new approach to cooking —one that matches menu to the individual and harmonizes ingredients for maximum vitality


From a simple 4-dish menu to a 10-item feast, we work with you to create meals of freshly cooked, healthy and delicious vegetarian food for your event or gathering.

Private Experiences

Bring your group into our charming East Village spacious loft for a one of a kind experience with food tailored to meet your needs.

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