The Sound Bath

An experiential workshop, with a meal.

Sound Bath Meditations, facilitated by music psychotherapist and sound practitioner, Katie Down (MT-BC, LCAT), are deep listening experiences through all the senses with sound as a focal point for illuminating the idea that everything is made of vibration, and in the act of listening we are able to self-heal, connect deeply with one another, and create new neural-pathways for our inherent well-being and equanimity.


Our central nervous system can become highly charged due to external forces and Sound Bath Meditations have been found to help with the regulation of stress responses, enabling a sense of calm, deep relaxation, and creative visualization. Therapeutic musical drone instruments used include various types of singing bowls, tuning forks, monochords, shruti box, percussion and voice to help facilitate emotional and physical release, connection, and awareness through deep listening. 


At the end of the workshop, we'll enjoy a delicious Ayurvedic dinner together!





$45 for one, $80 for two


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Taught by Katie Down



katie-downKatie Down, MT-BC, LCAT, is a board-certified, licensed creative arts therapist. Her private therapy practice, Sound Well Center, provides healing and wellness services including individual and group psychotherapy, music and mindfulness meditation, deep listening workshops, Reiki, sound healing, and supervision. She is a staff teacher at MNDFL, Maha Rose Center for Healing, and MINKA Brooklyn has been facilitating sound meditations and deep listening experiences for over 12 years.


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