The Wellness Meals

"Wellness Meals is an experience in well-being, all around! Opening the tiffin containers, it feels like my mom or a good friend has lovingly prepared a nutritious meal." - Heather Markel

We're committed to helping busy New Yorkers restore and sustain their health through delicious Ayurvedic food.

What Is Ayurveda?  

We like to say it's vital nutrition wrapped in deliciousness.

Ayurvedic food is prepared to meet each individual's nutritional needs and tastes. The look, flavor, texture and "energy" (prana) of the ingredients are arranged to detoxify, soothe digestion, aide in weight loss, sharpen mental clarity, and even provide relief from stress and anxiety.

And it's downright delicious! 

What You'll Get:

  • Three meals with each delivery
  • Fresh deliveries, each with eight to ten dishes including soups, chutneys, appetizers, health drinks, entrees and desserts.
  • The best organic and local ingredients,   
  • Meals cooked from scratch the very same day.  
  • Health consultants ensuring your meals are in sync with your shifting and evolving health needs.  

How it works:

  • Deliveries are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunchtime (12-2pm).
  • We deliver within a 20-minute window that works for both of us.   
  • Deliveries are limited to Manhattan south of 120th Street, and parts of Western Brooklyn (see Brooklyn map here)
  • Try it for a week for $340.  
  • Your 1-week trial includes a health consultation (via phone) plus nine meals (via three lunchtime deliveries).   
  • No extra charge or tips for delivery.   And our delivery people are delightful.     
  • If you continue after the first week, each meal averages around $18-24, depending on the package you choose.  


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