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Knife Skills Workshop


Knife Skills

Get your kitchen mojo working  

Taught by Chef Rich (Richard LaMarita).


With a few simple tips, and a little practice, you can make your cooking easier, safer and more enjoyable. Learn the magic and beauty of properly using knives while cooking, to chop, cut, shape and grate your ingredients into the well-portioned food you long for. PLUS - you will make and eat a complete ayurvedic meal!


Taught by Chef Rich (Richard LaMarita)


Richard LaMarita has had a diverse culinary career. He has been a chef-instructor in the world-renowned plant-based program at the Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC, for 25 years. Richard has been a practitioner and teacher of Ayurveda, a science of life, health and balance, for 35 years. He has studied with Vedic and Ayurvedic master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and has led seminars on Ayurveda, including Ayurvedic Diet, Cooking, Yoga and Meditation throughout the U.S., and in Europe and Asia.


Wednesday, May 22, 6-9pm



Includes lecture, discussion, hand-outs, lots and lots of cutting, slicing, etc., and a complete sit-down meal at the end


$108 for one

$180 for two


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