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Playing with Flavor,

Why spices and how to use them.  


Taught by Divya Alter.


Take your seasoning skills to a whole new level by learning how to utilize herbs and spices not only for adding exquisite flavors, but for promoting health—balancing your elements, kindling your digestive fire, and eliminating impurities, and more.


The chemical makeup of spices can enhance or slow down our metabolic activities, helping or hindering them. That is why spices and herbs do not just contribute flavorto our palate; they are a necessary part of a healthy diet. They maintain our optimal metabolic rate, pacify our emotions, and clear mental fog through the balance of hormones and other chemicals that nourish our cells. 


The ancients called spices and herbs “vehicles” equipped with the blueprints for healing. The minute they enter the body, they start to clean up the digestive tract, paving the way for nutrients to reach their final destination. Spices also help the body eliminate unwanted wastes in a timely manner. At times, these processes may slow down for us, and one reason could be that we are not eating food with sufficient spices.


Sunday, Februrary 10th, 3:30 - 6:30 


$108 for one

$180 for two 


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