Vegetarian Cooking

Join a small group in the East Village to explore the art of cooking incredibly tasty and healthy food! In these classes, you will learn a variety of dishes, flavors, utensils, smells, textures, and colors to make your life better. And you'll most certainly walk away finding your kitchen a more comfortable, useful, and inspiring place, no matter who you are. This approach is based on the SV Ayurveda tradition, a 5,000-year-old lineage of holistic medicine that comes from India. It applies to practically any style of cooking, culture, or circumstance.


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Intro Class

These are one-session classes that introduce you to the art of making delicious easy-to-make vegetarian meals based on SV Ayurveda. You will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Principles of what makes food healthy or not for you.
  • An overview of how to use spices and make spice mixtures.
  • An introduction into making entrées, soups, desserts, teas, and grain dishes.
  • The secrets of making sure your food is easy to digest and assimilate.
  • Tips on applying Ayurvedic principles to any type of cuisine.
  • Resources to support you in accessing optimal food choices in the grocery store or at restaurants

Each class will combine discussion, hands-on cooking, and ends with a delicious meal for everyone! As Ayurveda aligns health with the rhythm of the seasons, our intro cooking classes change focus seasonally.

Intro Class – Summer Menu

1. Hydrating Drink

2. How to Make Fresh Cheese

3. Dilled Zucchini w/ Fresh Cheese & Toasted Almonds

4. Red Quinoa & Basmati Rice

5. Almond Rose Delight

6. Seasonal Salad w/ Sunflower Dressing

7. Cooking Apple Pre-Breafast 


* Classes are vegan and gluten-free friendly. Please notify us upon registering if you have this need.


Classes are generally available Monday & Wednesday from 6-9pm and Saturday & Sunday from (times vary). Three hours is indicated because there is a meal afterwards and people tend to stay that long. Classes are subject to availability. You must RSVP ahead of time. We recommend registering 1-3 weeks in advance. If someone cancels their registration within 24 hours, they may reschedule or apply the purchase value to another Bhagavat Life event or service. Bhagavat Life does not offer refunds.

Please click the REGISTER link below to see current availability and class times.  

All classes take place at our location: 25 1st Ave 5th Floor. Enter the building through the Bhakti Center main doors.

One Person: $100
Two People: $160 instead of $200 (20% off)
If you aleady have a voucher to attend one of our Intro To Vegetarian Cooking simply email us at to register.

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to see current Intro Class dates.


Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking|Other Classes | Testimonials 


Seasonal Cooking Classes

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Spring Cooking Classes 


Cooking for Dosha Balancing 


Fascinated by the dosha descriptions in Ayurveda?  Dive deeper into the authentic knowledge of the characteristics of each dosha in both a balanced and imbalanced state, learn what foods and lifestyle habits to favor and stay away from to keep your doshas happy, and engage in a class with recipes dedicated to calming each particular dosha in the current season.  At the beginning of each class, you will be guided through a simple way to assess your doshas


Kapha Balancing Recipes - Saturday, May 11, 3-6pm  

Learn how to balance Kapha dosha in late spring with related foods and lifestyle habits  




- Sugar Down Tea

- Sauteed Broccoli Rabe and Cauliflower

- Pungent Lentil Soup

- Millet, Cranberries and Peas Pila  

- Horeradish & Cilantro Sauce

- Sprouted Mung and Cabbage Cakes

- Sesame Sweeties


Vata Balancing Recipes - Tuesday, May 14, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Learn how to balance Vata dosha all year round and in cold weather in particular, with related foods and lifestyle habits



- Vata Teas

- Beets and Squash Soup

- Gluten Free Biscuits

- Seasonal Roasted Vegetables

- Basmati Rice & Red Quinoa

- Tahini Sauce 

- Walnut-Orange Cake in Honey Syrup 


Pitta Balancing Recipes - Saturday, June 8, 3:30 -6:30pm

Learn how to balance Pitta dosha during the summer with related foods and lifestyle habits.



- Cooling Rose Tea

- Seasonal Salad with Baby Greens, Paneer Cheese & Sunflower Dressing

- Steamed Artichokes with Olive Tapende 

- Not Tuna Pate

- Spelt Crackers

- Strawberry Mousse 


Tridoshic Recipes (good for everyone) - Tuesday, June 11, 6-9pm 

Discover Tridoshic foods!  Foods that are good for pretty much anyone, anytime. 



- Hydrating Drink

- How to Make Paneer

- Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Quinoa Pilaf 

- Cilantro Mint Sauce 

- Seasonal Salad with Pink Tahiini Drssing 

- Beluga Lentil Soup

- Almond Roe Delight 



Fee:  $125 per person, $225 for two.
Includes materals and a full meal at the end. 



Intro Classes | Seasonal Cooking |Other Classes | Testimonials 




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