I didn’t know it was so easy to cook healthy, flavorful food with ingredients from “scratch.” I never cooked with spices before other than salt and pepper. If I knew making great flavorful food was so easy, I would have started a long time ago. Now, I can say that I actually can “cook.”

~ Maria Depanfilis

The vegetarian cooking class has been a life-changing experience. I have learned so much about wholesome foods and their nutritional value—how to cook and how long to cook so that we retain their flavor and food value.

~ Rita Mitra

Divya’s cooking classes open up a wonderful world of Ayurvedic healing that you can take into your home and body. I highly recommend to all.

~ Pamela Rich, Vedic Master Chopra certified

It gave me the confidence to go home and begin trying these dishes for this spring/summer season. I loved the information and nutritional tips about each dish. It makes the cooking process more insightful.

~ Jonathan Borin

This class has changed the way I approach food, the way I approach life! Eating is finally a spiritual experience. I think it’s rubbing off on my friends!

~ Pamela Harris

I feel jump-started to do more cooking for myself.

~ Gina

This class has inspired me to cook more inventive and creative vegetarian dishes. It’s amazing how delicious healthy food can be!

~ Ivy Gabbert

This was much more than a cooking class. We learned so much about good and healthy food and living. I loved the combinations of spices and herbs–and was amazed each time by the incredible feast that we put together.

~ Kirsten Endacott