SV Ayurveda

Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) refers to a unique practice of Ayurveda, originating from an ancient family lineage of Ayurvedic physicians, as documented in the Puranas (ancient Hindu texts). The name references the ancestors of the lineage, the Shakadwipi Brahmins, renowned for their healing ability.


The current voice of the SVA tradition is Dr. Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra.  Dr. Mishra went through formal education in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in India, and then interned with his father Vaidya Sri Kameshwar Mishra for 7 years, allowing him to receive the knowledge specific to his own lineage, as well as the extensive experience of his father.


In 1996 Dr. Mishra came to practice in the United States, where he studied the Western physiological response to Ayurvedic treatments.  He identified common conditions in western people which need to be addressed for the application of Ayurvedic health protocols to work.  These conditions include: hot aggravation of the liver, low pH balance, overall dryness or inflammation of the body tissues, weakened energy channels, depleted gut flora, and EMF pollution. 


SVA applies treatments to support three main pillars of health:


  • The liver: cooling and cleansing the liver helps with pH balance, supports  better digestion, allows the creation of a more balanced blood tissue, and enhances the safe filtration and elimination of toxins.
  • Friendly bacteria: recent scientific research shows how a healthy gut flora is essential for good digestion, good elimination, immunity, and mental.
  • Digestion: SVA aims at restoring the power of digestion so one can absorb nutrients from the food rather than depend on neutraceuticals, which can cause further aggravation of the liver.

Above all SV Ayurveda places great emphasis on learning how to cook in order to rebuild the main pillars of health. SVA meals are easy to digest, include the six tastes of food, and are prepared with proper food compatibility and seasoning to increase pH balance and to minimize accumulation of toxins.


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